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Energy “overquality”, use cases methodology, agile transformation: a journal of exchanges for industrial energy efficiency

Table of contents

Small is beautiful
Over-powerful equipment, over-sized machines, temperature too high, pressure too high… “Over-quality” is omnipresent in our factories. What if we tried to streamline the scope?
Discover the use case methodology!
One efficient method consists in introducing an Energy Information System (EIS) to control the energy demand and consumption. Use cases help build the functionalities that are truly useful for each factory, each workshop, each production line.
Planning disruption or agile transformation?
Industry 4.0, digital revolution, generation Z, transformation is on the way everywhere. But how to cope with it, when still stuck in our habits of large-scale multiannual plans?


Thierry Beaussé, Energy Management expert
Yves Bergeron, Six Sigma Expert, Black Belt & ISO 50001 Auditor
Jean Vieille, Automation & IT Systems Expert
Guillaume Souffet, Consultant in System Architecture & Energy

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