Blu.e by Engie assists industrial groups in minimizing their energy and water footprint on the planet, leveraging digital technology and best practices

Our vision

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Our approach

Identify digitisable operational areas that will generate real value for you in the short term

Forget the functionality-based approach and instead entrench software in the day-to-day practices of stakeholders in the field to provide information relevant to efficient business and, ultimately, save more energy. Big data is crucial for business!

Access your data to control your energy and environmental performance in real time

Juggle the numbers by calculating your indicators. Plot your graphs, create your dashboards and reports. Continuously optimise your operating practices. Reduce the amount of energy consumed during processes, forecast energy consumption by identifying influencing factors. And why? To boost energy performance!

Search the expert who will solve your industrial problems

Take advantage of a unique combination of expertise in utilities and processes, maintenance, supply chains, quality, industrial information systems, automation, databases, advanced data analysis, change management, and more! At Blu.e, we can’t help but think that energy is everybody’s business!

What can you do with blu.e ?


What they say about us

Pierre Dudit

Data manager

We had already met with data scientists, who generally have scant experience of industrial systems. With Blu.e, we were dealing with a team that combined Big Data and processes. It was a decisive advantage that swayed our choice of solution.

Pierre-Yves Duclos

Shipping Technical Manager, Global LNG

We have collected a huge amount of as-yet untapped data on one of our ships. With Blu.e's help, we have been able to structure, visualise and analyse the data.

Bernard Sayve

Technical manager for heating networks and utility power plants

With Blu.e, we have real-time access to a benchmark of best practices. More specifically, when we observe a tangible improvement on one site, we can apply it to other facilities!

Philippe Joly

Energy efficiency facilitator

A few months ago, we brought in a very structured approach to this issue of Big Data applied to energy. We wanted to find an existing tool that was nevertheless efficient and scalable, that had been tried and tested, and was suitable for industry.

Bernard Sayve

Technical manager for heating networks and utility power plants

Today, co-management of the networks with the Blu.e tool saves us in one week what it costs us in one month!

Bassir Sufyar

Head of the Operations Department

In practical terms, the Blu.e tool makes it possible to assess the parameters that affect plant performances, based on an analysis of the data and data variance. The interface is user-friendly, simple and pleasant to use.