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Predity: heat networks have their position of co-driving energy

For two years, ENGIE Cofely Sud-Est has led an innovative project co-piloting the region’s heat networks, from Sochaux to Aix-en-Provence, via Clermont-Ferrand and Annemasse: the Predity hypervision room. To facilitate exchanges and promote energy efficiency, the project uses Blu.e’s analysis tools. The results are so convincing today that the Predity model is a national approach that will be replicated in all ENGIE Cofely agencies.

PRED- as prediction, ITY- as IT, PRED-ITY: prediction thanks to information technologies. “Located in Lyon, the Predity hypervision room is a co-pilot position, to manage, observe, anticipate and improve our installations in the South-East region”, describes Bernard Sayve, Technical Manager for district heating and power plants. of ENGIE Cofely Sud-Est utilities.


Help each operator to optimize the energy performance of their site

“The Predity project aims to help the operator as well on the fundamentals of reliability of his installation as on the optimization of his yield,” says Bernard Sayve. “For each installation, we work in trio: the site manager, the asset manager, who manages several heat networks, and myself, as Energy Manager. We must cooperate closely, share our analyzes of data collected from sensors installed on the network. No question of using an Excel table, too personal. We need a collaborative tool, interactive, fast, able to process and analyze our data: Blu.e was chosen. ”

The three players have access to the same central screen, which displays in real time the availability rate and the energy performance of the installations. On-site operators regularly offer ideas to save money: a new setting, the commitment of a heat source (biomass, energy fatal, cogeneration or gas) rather than another …

“Together, we study the business cases, estimate the benefits. That’s all the interest of the organization with Predity: everyone brings their experience “says Bernard Sayve. Together, they use the Blu.e tool to confirm their hypotheses from relevant indicators. The operator on site, piloting this test in real time and the platform collects data, processes, analysis … In this way, they see on their screens, on site and in the room Predity, if the reality is in accordance with their projections. If so, they integrate the idea into their business activity on the network. It is a precious help to the decision!


Exploit good practices and anticipate maintenance operations

“On the screen, we have access in real time to a “benchmark” of good practices, he adds. I explain: when we observe a tangible improvement on a site, we can apply it to other installations! ”

And that’s not all. From the information of the network, the tool Blu.e makes it possible to predict the energy performances, according to scenarios of activation of the generators of energy. ENGIE Cofely favors renewable energies: choices that must be anticipated because boilers have a high degree of inertia. The start-up of the generators must be planned in advance, considering the meteorological conditions or the schedule of holidays, and this is what the modeling allows.

“The organization with the hypervision room Predict offers lasting benefits,” concludes Bernard Sayve. Benefits that are calculated in increasing rate of use of renewable energy, but also in financial savings. Today, co-managing networks with the Blu.e tool allows us to earn in one week what it costs us in a month! ”

In summary, our approach is to start from the business activities of each and see how Blu.e can help improve energy performance, focusing on the right indicators.


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